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‘Forevermore’ quote of the day: ‘Something better will come along, we just have to believe.’

Miss Lane, Superman are set to go back to La Presa

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/23/2015 in News
‘Forevermore’ quote of the day: ‘Something better will come along, we just have to believe.’

After a long day and the setback that they had to go through all throughout, Agnes (Liza Soberano) still reassured herself that she should still hold on to hope despite not winning her booth in the Expo.

As Xander (Enrique Gil) and Executive Assistant Orly (Jason Francisco) arrived home, Orly exclaimed his worry for Xander that he and Agnes might not see each other again. Xander told him to just relax and said, “something better will come along, we just have to believe.”

Because of a video that broke through in their university, Agnes and the girls, Clauie (Joj Agpangan), Judy (Jai Agpangan) and Karen (Karen Dematera), have finally found out about Jay’s (Diego Loyzaga) part-time work in a burger joint. The girls decided to check and see if Jay truly does part-time in “Biboy Burger," but the owner, Mang Biboy himself denied that Jay works for him.

Back at the Grande’s, after Xander slammed his stepmother, Sherrie’s (Pinky Amador) drug usage accusations of him he already called it a day and said out loud to Orly “I miss her (Agnes).”

Then, two French investors came looking for Xander and told him that they are interested to invest in the La Presa project by Agnes.

After a long day, Agnes and the girls arrived home feeling sad because of the bad news they had to deal with the entire day. In Agnes' surprise Xander called and told her about the good news that the French investors are interested to invest in her project. She also told Agnes to prepare for next day because they’ll be leaving for La Presa to show the investors of Agnes' sitio La Presa.

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