Erich, single again?

Erich Gonzales confirms break up with non-showbiz boyfriend

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4/23/2015 in News
Erich, single again?

MANILA - Erich Gonzales and her non-showbiz boyfriend have ended their four-year relationship, her close friend Kris Aquino confirmed on Wednesday.

Aquino revealed the break-up during the live episode of "Aquino & Abunda Tonight," ending weeks of speculation about the 24-year-old actress' personal life.

"No more, ate" -- these were the words of Gonzales in a text message to Aquino earlier on Wednesday, answering whether she and her businessman boyfriend were still a couple.

The TV host, who has developed a close friendship with Gonzales in the last two years, noted that the actress was still in a relationship when she was promoting the finale of her primetime series "Two Wives" in March.

Aquino also clarified that, contrary to rumors, Gonzales was never engaged. She explained that fans may have confused Gonzales' "promise ring," which she wore in past TV guestings, as a sign that she already had a fiance.

The confirmation of the break-up came amid speculation about the ties of Gonzales and former "Two Wives" co-star Daniel Matsunaga, who also frequently appears on Aquino's "Kris TV" as guest alongside the actress.

Reel romance turns real?

In the past week, the two have been posting photos of them together, including one which the 26-year-old actor captioned, "Jantar especial hoje a noite com minha linda."

The Portuguese phrase -- Matsunaga was born and raised in Brazil -- roughly translates to: "Special dinner tonight with my beautiful date."
Gonzales, on the other hand, shared a photo of her with Matsunaga and his Brazilian mother Geralda. Written also in Portuguese, her caption was, "I am blessed to meet people who are beautiful both inside and out."

But what convinced fans that Gonzales and Matsunaga are romantically involved was a post from Geralda Matsunaga, who called the actress "another gift from God for my family" and "my youngest daughter."

In a February interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight," Matsunaga said that he would pursue Gonzales romantically if she were "free," but stressed that he would keep a distance from her out of respect for her relationship at the time.


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