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Holy Week Reflection: ‘May Bukas Pa’ inspires us to believe in miracles

How were you inspired by Santino and Bro’s journey?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/1/2015 in News
Holy Week Reflection: ‘May Bukas Pa’ inspires us to believe in miracles

To see is to believe, a saying goes. But sometimes, to believe is to see even those that are invisible.

If there’s any show aired in recent years that teaches us that, it would have to be “May Bukas Pa,” an inspirational and spiritual series that starred a newcomer at the time, Zaijian Jaranilla, playing the role of Santino, a boy who sees, believes, and performs miracles with the help of Bro.

He found a family in priests and a home in the town of Bagong Pag-Asa. Amid living in a town with people suffering from selfish intentions, corruption, and poverty, Santino’s innocence and faith became like the holy water that slowly but surely purified their souls. He healed the sick, melted the hearts of those who couldn’t forgive, and became a beacon of hope for others in his own special way.

Santino believed – with all his heart, at that – and sometimes that’s all we need. The reality of life is that there will be people who will care about nothing save for their own a**es, who will only be nice to you because they need something from you. There are people who will not be true to you, who will hurt you unintentionally or not. Life will take things and people away from you, and you will feel like you were stripped off the last fiber of hope in your heart.

When those moments come, let Santino’s story remind you to believe and to not let go of hope. That light can shine the brightest, even in the darkest of places. Because the good wins in the end. Always.
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