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Albert Martinez recalls last moments with wife Liezl

The veteran actor confesses to Philippine Star, “I don’t know how life will ever be without Liezl.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/20/2015 in News
Albert Martinez recalls last moments with wife Liezl

Albert Martinez has opened up to Philippine Star following the death of Liezl Martinez, his wife of 29 years.
Liezl, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, lost her battle last March 14 at the age of 47.
It was in September 2014 when they found out through a CT scan that Liezl’s cancer “metastasized in her bone, and there was thickening of her liver, her ovary and her kidneys.”
“So Liezl underwent another round of chemotherapy and another stem cell therapy,” Albert said. “She also had a vaccine. Okey na, or so we thought.”
They didn't get to welcome the New Year together as a family as Liezl went to the US with their daughter Alissa. Albert and their other children stayed in the Philippines (in Calatagan, Batangas, to be exact) together with Tonyboy Cojuangco and Gretchen Barretto.
“We did miss each other,” said Albert. “Aga (Muhlach, her cousin) would later tell me during the New Year celebration, Liezl went to the room alone and Aga kind of cheered her up.”
After that, the daughter of Romeo Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes underwent various treatments, including a more organic therapy. However, her health unexpectedly deteriorated.
Last February, Albert said that they "were like running a hospital at home" as Liezl needed a continuous supply of oxygen. At the time, the cancer already reached her stomach yet she didn’t want to be confined in the hospital.
Then, last March 7, Albert lamented that “Liezl couldn’t talk anymore” and “that her palpitation was going too fast.”
March 9th, Liezl suffered a seizure and the doctors informed the family that her state is “terminal.”
Nevertheless, Albert never gave up the fight, saying, "If I can buy one minute, one hour, one day, one week…let’s do it. I’m not allowing you to give up. I just talked to my wife and she said that we have to fight it, so let’s do it!”
For a time, her condition improved, but on Friday the 13th, "her condition started deteriorating again."
Albert wrote at length:
“I whispered to her, ‘Mama, do you still want to fight? Move your hands, move your eyes.’ She shed a tear in her left eye. I dozed off and when I woke up, I saw her blood pressure going down, down, down. By the time the doctors came in, flat line na si Liezl. They asked me, ‘Do you want us to resuscitate her?’ I said, ‘If you resuscitate her, can you bring back her blood pressure to normal?’ They said, ‘No.’ I looked at Alissa. We didn’t have to say a word. We hugged in silence. ‘Let Mama go in peace,’ she cried. I looked at Liezl. She seemed to be just asleep. She was so beautiful! I’m telling you, she was soooo beautiful! She looked so happy. I was looking at an 18-year-old Liezl.


“It was 6:14 Saturday morning, March 14. Liezl died with her favorite yellow Hello Kitty blanket covering her.
“Before she died, Liezl had commissioned a team to have our place landscaped but she didn’t live to see it completed.

“I told her, ‘Mama, when you wake up, you will see how beautiful the landscaping is.’
“On March 27 when Liezl would have turned 48, the ninth day after her death, Alissa will mark her birthday. On April 19 when I turn 55, it will be the 40th day after Liezl’s death.
“We completed our bucket list (travel abroad, etc.), except that we were not able to go skydiving.
“I don’t know how I can recover from this. It’s something so painful that I cannot describe — the longing, the loneliness. We spent 29 years together and survived all the trials and the struggles.
“I don’t know how life will ever be without Liezl.”
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