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Kimerald reunites in special dance number

The Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson tandem got revived at the “ASAP 20” press conference.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/9/2015 in News
Kimerald reunites in special dance number

Nowadays, it’s a rarity to see Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson paired onstage or onscreen, yet those who miss their love team got a dose of that yesterday, Feb. 8, at the press conference of “ASAP 20.”
Kim and Gerald led a special throwback dance number with boy group Gimme 5 (Nash Aguas, Grae Fernandez, John Bermundo, Joaquin Reyes, and Brace Arquiza), grooving along to various tracks like “Hey Ya” and “Tira Tira Dulce.”

What may well prove that all is well between Kim and Gerald was the smiles they shared to each other during the number.
Kim and Gerald’s love story bloomed inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house in 2006 during its first teen edition. They reportedly separated in 2010.
The two eventually starred in various teleseryes and movies including “Paano Na Kaya?,” “Till My Heartaches End,” and “24/7 in Love.”
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