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Meg Imperial, JM de Guzman lead 'Dear MOR' finale

Is love really worth the wait?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/22/2015 in News
Meg Imperial, JM de Guzman lead 'Dear MOR' finale

After several weeks of telling different love stories, the ABS-CBNmobile show “Dear MOR” concludes today, Feb. 22, with “the Mary Jane and Roman” story starring Meg Imperial and JM de Guzman.

Meg plays Mary Jane, an unattractive high school student who fell in love with Roman, who ignored her back then.
When they meet again after a decade, very different than how they’ve been back in high school, will things turn around? What happens when Roman finds out that Mary Jane was the ugly girl he once didn’t take notice of?
The final “Dear MOR” episode airs 3 p.m. on iWantv on your ABS-CBNmobile.
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