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'Forevermore' Quote of the Day: 'Going to London with you will not make me love you again'

Xander begs Kate to stop hurting the people he loves.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/2/2015 in News
'Forevermore' Quote of the Day: 'Going to London with you will not make me love you again'

You can really do everything once you see your loved ones weep.
Take Xander (Enrique Gil) for instance. In the January 30 episode of “Forevermore,” Xander begged his ex-girlfriend Kate (Sofia Andres) to stop her dad from acquiring La Presa after the intense demolition in the strawberry farm. The demolition brought the La Presa people into danger including Agnes’ (Liza Soberano) father, Mang Bubs (Joey Marquez) who was hospitalized due to a gunshot.
Xander seemed guilty for everything that happened to La Presa. If it wasn’t for his refusal to go to London with Kate, this wouldn’t happen to the people he loves dearly. As a result, he looked for Kate and begged her to stop hurting the people he loves so much.
Kate: There you are. JC said that you wanted to talk to me so…
JC: Ah iwan ko muna kayo.
Kate: So, are you here para samahan na ako sa London?
Xander: Naiintindihan ko ang galit mo sa akin. But please Kate, please make them stop. Parang awa mo na, stop hurting them.
Kate: You know very well kung paano matitigil ang lahat ng ito.
Xander: Hindi ko ‘to maintindihan Kate eh. Lahat ng gulo nangyayari para lang masamahan kita sa London? Bakit?
Kate: So you’ll stop hurting me. Laging sila na lang  ang iniisip mo. Lagi na lang si Agnes. Paano naman ako? Kailan ako naman ang iisipin mo? Kung paano matatapos ‘yong sakit na ito?
Xander: Will the pain stop by hurting the people I love?
Kate: No. But they will stop when you love me again.
Xander: Kate, going to London with you will not make me love you again. I wish there was another way to say sorry to you, Kate. I wish hindi kita nasaktan. I wish I was a better person then. But there’s nothing I can do to bring back the past, Kate. Pero sana, sana bumalik ‘yong Kate na unang nakilala ko. ‘Yong Kate na laging gumagawa ng tama. ‘Yong kate na ‘di kayang makasakit ng iba. Nasaan na s’ya Kate? Nasaan s’ya? And’yan lang s’ya, Kate. Baka natabunan lang ng galit pero naniniwala ako, nand’yan pa rin s’ya. Parang awa mo na. Alam kong hindi mo gustong sirain ang buhay ng napakaraming tao. So please, Kate. Please, tulungan mo ako. Please make them stop.
Will Kate finally give up on Xander? If not, will Xander finally give in to Kate’s London escape?
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