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#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Cristine welcomes Baby Amarah

Cristine felt instantaneous love after her baby’s birth

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/13/2015 in News
#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Cristine welcomes Baby Amarah

Breaking her silence, Cristine Reyes personally addresses reports about her delivery and her baby Amarah’s condition via her Instagram account (@queencristinereyes) today, Feb. 13.
Featured in the photo is a snapshot of Cristine and MMA fighter Ali Khatibi’s daughter, Baby Amarah.
Below is Cristine’s entire caption for the Instagram photo:
“Meet Amarah February 8th, Sunday our Amarah finally came to see it. She really was such a wonderful blessing.I Fought for 2 weeks to hold her in. I've been put on total bed rest and wasn't able to sit, move and stand. Was on Heavy medication on my birthday and spent the day knocked out. I was Monitored every two hours for a while. I was In and out of the delivery room. But then, time has come that Amarah wanted to see the world, in which, none can control.

“That feeling of love was instantaneously. However, she came a little too early than expected and now in need of critical care and assistance. It's hard to see her handled by different people in the NICU. I just hope and pray that she's well taken cared for. I realized that no one can't beat the loving and tender care of a mother. Just got a little apprehensive when I learned that there was a one person visitor policy. It breaks my heart at the time when Ali and I have to leave the hospital without her in our arms. It's sad but we have to be strong. We've been fighting for our little angel and now she has to fight this alone.  If it were in my hands, I'd love for my daughter to reach full term. I did everything to make sure that she was healthy - I read books, seek advice from my in-laws, family, friends and professionals to make sure all was well. I just don't think it's fair when people judge me and saying that it was my fault. I plan to disregard NEGATIVITY in my life. My only priority right now is our little fighter. I actually don't really need to explain myself. Our baby is getting stronger everyday and we will be with her throughout the fight. She's our wonderful blessing. She will win this battle like a champ just like her father. My family and friends will be praying for our Amarah. Her Dad and I loves her so much! #Family #Ali #Ariane #Amarah #Blessed.”

Cristine and Ali have been together since last year and have plans of getting married after the birth of their first child.
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