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Bimby Aquino-Yap gives mom Kris 3 tips on finding a partner

Kris bursts into tears over kids’ surprise.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/13/2015 in News
Bimby Aquino-Yap gives mom Kris 3 tips on finding a partner

During the live telecast of “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” yesterday, Feb. 12, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino burst into tears over Josh and Bimby’s birthday and Valentine’s day surprise.
Kris, who will be turning 44 on Saturday, watched the video of her 19 year-old son Josh while playing her favorite song “Somewhere Down the Road” by Barry Manilow. 

Meanwhile, in a separate video, Bimby gave her three tips on finding a partner:
Tip #1- Take it slowly.
“Because mom, you keep rushing, just have fun. Enjoy your day and be grateful about your day."
Tip #2- Know the guy better than you know yourself.
Bimby said that her mom should know if the guy is good or bad or what he doesn’t like or what he does like. If he likes books, coffee, tea, sugar or TV, or he likes sports and if he likes running, biking, and tricycling. “Bunso” also told Kris that she must know the real “him” inside.
Tip #3- Love yourself more.
The seven-year-old child actor also advised her mom that she must love herself a hundred percent and the guy for just 80 percent.

Meanwhile, commenting on Bimby’s advice, Aquino said, "Mali 'yung order mo -- it's you and Kuya, it's whoever that guy will be, and it's me just number three. You and Kuya will always be number one. That other guy, if he doesn't come along, okay na. I have the two of you."
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