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SINE WEEKEND: Remember the death scenes in 'Feng Shui 2004?'

“Feng Shui 2014” is soon to be shown in theaters in no time. But before that, let us recall how “Feng Shui 2004” wowed and horrified us with its fresh plot and thrilling death scenes.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/10/2015 in News
SINE WEEKEND: Remember the death scenes in 'Feng Shui 2004?'

Now that the continuation of the blockbuster film “Feng Shui 2004” is about to be shown on December 25 for the annual Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), let us recall how Joy, the film’s main character portrayed by Kris Aquino, lost her friends and family members because of the cursed Chinese artifact called Bagua.
Her children, husband, best friends and other random people who unwittingly took a glimpse at her Bagua’s mirror, which was originally owned by a woman named Lotus feet, perished in relation to their Chinese zodiac signs.

Watch the video clip below:

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One of the most memorable death scenes was that of Lotlot de Leon’s character who was thrown in the window and consequently landed on crates of an alcoholic beverage which brand describes a horse’s color.

Meanwhile, during the story conference of “Feng shui’s” continuation, Kris reveals that there will be more thrilling death scenes on the second installment with Coco Martin as her co-star.

At lahat mga death scenes… ang bobongga,” she notes. “Nung nabasa ko nasabi ko na 'O my God!'"

“Feng Shui 2014” has wrapped up last November 26 as confirmed by Kris herself via Instagram. She uploaded her photo where she is seen hugging the respected director Chito S. Rono.

She also took the time to thanked everyone who participated on the film from the production staff to her co-stars such as Joonee Gamboa, Ian Veneracion, Cherie Pie Picache, and of course Coco.

“Thank You Direk @chitorono for the PRIVILEGE of working with the BEST! Thank you to everybody who worked on #FENGSHUI, for the incomparable passion & excellence- w/ a special THANK YOU to Ate Lea because we finished on time & on budget!”

“I am humbled to have worked w/ such TALENTED actors, Tito Joonee Gamboa, Ian Veneracion, @yescppicache & the BRILLIANT @mr.rodelnacianceno! Thank You to Kris Tv, A&A and Buzz families for the understanding & support.

“Thank you to my team @alvingagui @rbchanco @athanco @nantealingasa #angel & @bambbifuentes, as well as my household staff & all my drivers: for the dedication & stamina!

“To my prayer gang friends who have only now experienced shooting, my longtime friends who have made watching over me during MMFF shooting all the way from Mano Po a ritual, and my ABS workmates: for the effort to take turns to keep me company regardless of how late or how far my location was.

“And most of all, thank you to Kuya & Bimb for putting up w/ my work hours, for not complaining about me being too tired to be much of a mom these past few weeks, and for your unconditional LOVE! I am blessed. Finally, IT'S A WRAP! Tulog na po ako.”

“Feng Shui” is Star Cinema’s horror movie entry on the 2014 MMFF directed by no other than Chito S. Rono.

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