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Best of 2015: 5 awe-inspiring tourist destinations from Star Cinema movies


Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/30/2015 in News
Best of 2015: 5 awe-inspiring tourist destinations from Star Cinema movies

Star Cinema movies this year not only gave us huge doses of “hugot” lines. A good number of them also transported us to places that we’d surely want to be: Some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines.

From January to December, local tourist spots were featured in movies, namely “Halik SA Hangin,” “Crazy Beautiful You,” “You’re My Boss,” “Everyday I Love You,” and the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “All You Need Is Pag-ibig.”

You might want to consider these in your 2016 itinerary, if you haven't yet:

BAGUIO (“Halik Sa Hangin”)

Baguio is most likely a top choice for quick getaways with its inviting cold that can calm down any stressed mind, the lush pine trees, and the cozy vibe of the people. But it has another side, a rather eerie side, that was captured in the Julia Montes-Gerald-Anderson-JC de Vera starrer “Halik Sa Hangin.” Still, wouldn’t you believe, there’s beauty in darkness, too?

TARUKAN (“Crazy Beautiful You”)

If you’re itching to go somewhere not too far from Manila, Tarukan in Tarlac is a worthy choice. Cast and makers of “Crazy Beautiful You,” who shot major scenes there for the film, were amazed by the simplicity and humility of the Aeta community and the astounding view of Mt. Pinatubo.

BATANES ("You’re My Boss”)

Who doesn’t have Batanes in their travel bucket list? The cobblestone houses, the European countryside-like terrains, and the hospitality of its people are just some of the many things that fascinate us about Batanes. The place provided a more romantic yet classy backdrop to Georgina and Pong’s love story in “You’re My Boss.”

SILAY (“Everyday I Love You”)

There’s another quiet town in Visayas that we got to see more of in “Everyday I Love You:” Silay, dubbed as the Paris of Negros. Silay is quite similar with Vigan in Ilocos Sur because of the abundance of heritage sites and roster of artists. It’s a museum city as declared by UNESCO.

CORON (“All You Need Is Pag-ibig”)

Those looking for adventure, serenity, and escape will get all these in Coron, Palawan, a top tourist choice worldwide with its white sand, pristine waters, and mountainous limestone cliffs. Kim Chiu’s character Anya is right when she told Xian Lim’s Dino in “All You Need Is Pag-ibig” that Coron is like the house of God – in all its natural and majestic glory.


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