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Apl.de.ap launches children's book

Apl.de.ap proudly shared his life story through the children's book "What's Ap."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/18/2015 in News
Apl.de.ap launches children's book

Aside from being an international singer, Apl.de.ap also has a heart for writing.

The one-fourth Black Eyed Peas member launched his children's book, "What's Ap" last December 15.

In an interview with PUSH, the philanthropic singer revealed that all the proceeds from the book sales will go to the Apl.de.ap Foundation.

"I liked the whole idea of writing my life story. I’m into my foundation work and when that idea that it would help to send kids to school, that alone beyond my story, I just loved it," he enthused. "The main advocacy of the book is to help out other children just like how I grew up. People need a chance in getting an education."

The Filipino-American artist said he was inspired by his grandmother in making the book.

"She was the one that gave me the strength," he recalled. "She would say, ‘Oh don’t pay attention to them. They’re like that because you’re special.’ So I just take that as I’m special. And she would fight anyone that would tease me or call me nognog."

Apl.de.ap Foundation  is a non-governmental organization that provides medical assistance to children with eye problem, financial assistance to send children to school as well as in building classrooms.

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