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Nothing can stop Billy Crawford this 2015

Billy Crawford says goodbye to negativity of 2014, welcomes 2015 with a positive outlook

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/5/2015 in News
Nothing can stop Billy Crawford this 2015

“Goodbye negativity, I'm letting it burn in 2014.  Major bumps on that road but it led me to great things,” says Billy Crawford in an Instagram post four days ago, January 1.

The singer- actor relays a positive outlook for 2015 in a photo collage featuring him and his girlfriend Coleen Garcia.

“Now that I am older and wiser, nothing will stop me in 2015. I have one life and many dreams. As long as I know that God Almighty will be there guiding me and leading the way,” he further captioned.

Coleen and Billy celebrated the Holidays together in Maldives.

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