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Bamboo speaks up about what happened to Joniver Robles

Coach Bamboo to Joniver: “There's a life out there other than this show”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/22/2015 in News
Bamboo speaks up about what happened to Joniver Robles

With the abrupt departure of Team Kawayan member Joniver Robles after “The Voice of the Philippines” knockout rounds, coach Bamboo Manalac admits it was a first for him to have to say goodbye to a contestant who had to leave the show for personal reasons. “I just wish him good luck. I wish him well and sad to see him go. It's a first I think anywhere maybe, I have no idea but then I just wish him well,” he shares during his launch as the Jollibee Garlic Pepper Beef endorser held last January 21 in Craft Pub & Grill in BGC.

“The Voice of the Philippines” mentor says he has not spoken to the controversial contestant after the latter was taken out of the show and replaced with team member Rita Martinez whom he originally beat in the knockouts. “No, we have not spoken. I knew (about it) maybe a couple of weeks back already. It was in discussion and then that they agreed upon something that he was going for personal reasons and walk away from the show.

So it was a surprise. It happens I guess. People have to remember there's a life out there other than this show so I think that's what's more important,” he explains.

The 38-year-old singer says he is now trying his best to help prepare Rita for the live show and also to prepare her for some of the possible backlash online from Joniver's supporters. “I had no idea (about that) so I'll talk to her about that definitely when I see her I think on Friday. Ako lang (I want to tell her) stay away from the negativity, focus on the now and yun moment na yun. Ang dami niyang kailangan isipin ngayon and this is her moment eh. I just want her to do her best and shine from this. Personally I thought nung Kamp Kawayan the knockouts we’re not our best eh because one thing I hate about knockouts is hindi ko song choice. I don't have any say in the song choice, sila pumili which of course on some level I want to guide them as much as possible. Every song counts eh, napaka-importante ng song choice na yun eh. So sana next year may say ako sa knockouts sa kakantahin nila. So this time around I have a say, so let's see yung song na pinili ko for Rita, if she will be redeemed by that. I'm wishing her the best,” he says.

The new Jollibee endorser admits he is at a loss for words about Joniver's controversial statements on his public social media account that he still has no idea why he was removed from the show but Bamboo says his former team member should just move on from the experience because it is doing him more harm than good to vent online. “ Yes, if it's negative stuff yeah. I mean, because ako lang, I told him when he chose me, naalala ko that moment when he chose me and he was saying he was going to veer off to another coach and he was thinking of other things. I told him, 'Think past the show because I really believe in your talent. You're such a good artist, a good singer. He hasn't let me down on that accord eh. He made great choices and bumagay sa kanya and it fit. Again it's sad for me to see him go pero everything happens for a reason. We have to believe that. Things happen for a reason. Things have happened to me na oh my gosh what's going to happen and then the sun comes up the next day and you just have to get to it di ba? We work and we live, that's life eh. There are disappointments. It's how you rise above. That's the test to us. So siya, ang tanong ko is how does he rise above that right? And I always say to everyone to take the high road. Enough of the negativity. They just have to support the guy with or without the show and look forward to seeing what happens after di ba?” he admits.

Even though Kamp Kaywayan has yet to produce a “The Voice” grand winner, Bamboo says losing Joniver is not a big blow to his team's chances of producing top contenders for the finals. “I don't like to think that. I don't think so. He was a fine addition. He was great but I can say equally that I still have a great team and I'm looking forward to working with them for this weekend for the live show,” he states.

SOURCE: https://push.abs-cbn.com/features/23713/bamboo-speaks-up-about-what-happened-to-joniver-robles/

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