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Forevermore: Lilet apologizes to Liza Soberano

Will Bettina (Lilet) finally accept Agnes (Liza Soberano) wholeheartedly as her son Xander’s (Enrique Gil) beloved?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/2/2015 in News
Forevermore: Lilet apologizes to Liza Soberano

In the Dec. 31 episode of “Forevermore,” people at the Grande Hotel are surprised to see Agnes (Liza Soberano) show up the next morning following the public humiliation she got from VIP guest Steph (Marina Benipayo).

Nonetheless, with the support of her La Presa family, Agnes is able to face them again with a renewed spirit.

Bettina (Lilet) gets shaken by Meg’s (Beverly Salviejo) honest criticism of how she’s treating Agnes. “She reminds me of someone… you,” Meg tells her, in an apparent reference to how much she's worked hard to be accepted by her husband Alex’s (Zoren Legaspi) family.

Bettina then asks forgiveness from Agnes, and assigns her this time as an operator in the housekeeping hotline. The former, however, makes it clear to Meg that she still doesn’t like Agnes for her son Xander (Enrique Gil).

Meanwhile, Xander receives a phone call from Andrew (Yves Flores). Could he have told Xander about what happened to Agnes?

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