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INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: 'Cristine Reyes prepares to give birth with boyfriend Ali'

Cristine is excited to welcome her baby.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/15/2015 in News
INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: 'Cristine Reyes prepares to give birth with boyfriend Ali'

In preparation for the upcoming birth of her first baby, six-month pregnant Cristine Reyes decided to stay physically active with the support of her boyfriend and her baby’s father Ali Khatibi.

On her Instagram account (queencristinereyes), Cristine shared photos of her with Ali after working out together.

In the photos, the actress kissed Ali’s cheeks and lips as she lifts up his shirt, showcasing the full-packed abs of her boyfriend who happened to be a mixed martial arts fighter.

According to the photo’s caption, it was Ali who motivated Cristine to go back to gym and workout to be physically fit for their baby.

The caption reads: “Keeping it balanced. Ali said I have to prepare for a battle. He means when the time has come to give birth to our daughter. We are guided and carefully handled by professionals. So I am at peace doing some light physical activity.”

The actress also expressed her gratitude to Ali’s friend for giving her expert advice on physical activities for pregnant women, saying: "Thanks to Ali's brother from another mother Franco Rulloda who patiently trains me with my 'weak' energy lately. I've reached the end of my second trimester. Countdown is 12 weeks, 4 days left."

She also shared how her relationship with Ali has grown stronger despite of the anxiety she used to feel in the early months of her pregnancy.

Her complete statement reads: "I had prayed for months about our relationship. There were a lot of 'what ifs' going on inside my head. In the end, I made the decision to step out in faith. I don't know all the answers, but we have God. And we certainly going to have a lot of learnings to do.

"Like many, we entered in this relationship with a lot of habits, secrets, and preconceptions that could have killed us. We often practiced the art of '"silent treatment' Rather than dealing with the issue kindly and honestly. Too afraid of the conflict and exposure it would take to resolve it.

"But as we face the reality. We realize the importance of each other. Why we started and the life were building together for our future family! Above everything. The LOVE. We should always remember the seeds that planted us together. FOREVER."

The 25-year-old actress also shared that she and Ali will soon undergo marriage counseling in preparation for their wedding after she gives birth.

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