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'Forevermore' quote of the Day: 'I wish I could unhurt her'

Xander (Enrique Gil) confronts yet again the father (Michael Flores) of his ex-girlfriend Kate (Sofia Andres).

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/12/2015 in News
'Forevermore' quote of the Day: 'I wish I could unhurt her'

Xander (Enrique Gil) continuously fights for his love for Agnes (Liza Soberano) despite the odds, as proven in the Jan. 9 episode of “Forevermore.”
He once again faces Kate’s (Sofia Andres) father Jaime (Michael Flores) when the latter visits La Presa to ask him to convince his friends there to sell their land.
The conversation turns sourer as Jaime confronts Xander about his true feelings for his daughter.
This was Xander’s powerful yet heartfelt response:
“Sir, may girlfriend na po ako. At mahal na mahal ko po si Agnes… I wish sana hindi ko nasaktan si Kate. I wish I could just unhurt her, but I already did. And I am deeply, deeply sorry for that. Maniwala man kayo o hindi, kahit ako, kung kaharap ko ngayon ang dating ako, baka nasapak ko na rin siya. `Cause I hated the man I used to be.
“Pero maswerte po ako, I met Agnes and she changed me. And she made me a better man. At Sir, naniniwala po ako, suswertehin din si Kate. She will meet someone who will love her the way she wants to be loved… The way she deserves to be loved. But I am sorry Sir, I am no longer that man. Hindi na ako ang Xander na minahal ni Kate. I am the Xander who is in love with Agnes.”
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