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#BETYOUDIDNTKNOW: Anne Curtis chose her role in ‘No Other Woman’

Did you know that Anne Curtis was made to choose between the Kara (mistress) and Charmaine (wife) role, but she eventually chose the juicier, more complex role - Kara's.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/9/2014 in News
#BETYOUDIDNTKNOW: Anne Curtis chose her role in ‘No Other Woman’

The catfights, saucy lines, and hot chemistry among lead stars are just some of the things that made “No Other Woman” one of the most memorable Star Cinema films in recent years.

Its box office turnout (with nearly P280 million gross) proved how well-received the 2011 film was, not to mention the countless memes and parodies people made out of it.

Here are some things you might not know about “No Other Woman:”

On story and script

The story about “perfect” couple Ram and Charmaine, and the mistress that came in between, Kara, was inspired by real-life accounts.

The script contained the “dream lines” of real people in similar situation as the major characters. It was only finalized during shooting, which allowed flexibility and fostered authenticity for the dialogues.

Aside from director Ruel Bayani and screenwriter Kriz Gazmen, lead actors Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Derek Ramsay also contributed some lines for the film.

On casting

Anne was made to choose between the wife and mistress roles. Anne eventually chose the role of the mistress, which turned out to be a wise move from the multi-awarded actress.

Relive some key moments in the film by watching the trailer:

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