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2014’s quietest box office weekend

Shhhhh... The box office is asleep.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/9/2014 in News
2014’s quietest box office weekend

The first weekend of September is predicted to be the quietest box office weekend of the year according to Forbes.
A factor said to have contributed to this weekend’s box office slump was that there weren’t any major film releases.
The only newcomers were “The Identical," which wasn’t very lucrative making only $1.9 million, according to a report by Variety and an IMAX launch of the 1994 classic “Forrest Gump” that only hauled in some $405,000 as per the said report.
This weekend didn’t serve as a drawback for all because for Marvel-Disney’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the lack of major film releases might have contributed in allowing this week to be yet another one it topped, making it the fourth within the film’s six-week release.

The weekend might not have seemed all too quiet for Guardians because although its gross dropped by 40% from last weekend, the reported $10.16 million it just earned raised its total domestic gross to $294.6, overtaking last year’s top domestic grossing film “Man of Steel” which made $291 million.
The quietest box office weekend, however, will soon be forgotten because according to Forbes, audiences have a lot to look forward to as a number of major releases are lined up for September 19 including “A Walk among the Tombstones,” “Tusk,” “This is Where I Leave You,” and “The Maze Runner”.

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