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POLL SALAS: What song do you want Donna Cruz to cover?

Given the chance to make a request to Donna Cruz, which of the songs below do you want her to cover?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/3/2014 in News
POLL SALAS: What song do you want Donna Cruz to cover?

90’s multimedia superstar Donna Cruz has resurfaced after making a cover of “Let It Go,” a track from the Disney film “Frozen.”

She uploaded her 2-part videos on her personal Instagram account (donnacruzyl) last August 30, and it immediately gained thousands of likes from the Netizens.

They gave Donna two thumbs up for her flawless rendition and encouraged her to make a showbiz comeback:

Aprilvyns: “galing!!! ”
Mhaitutz: “Galing galing naman ng idol ko. lovE you donna! Donnanian forever!! Sana makapag concert ka sa Dubai”
Thamfututs: “Galing parin po! Kahit nkapikit ang makikinig, alam na ikaw kumakanta @donnacruzyl
Michzsalvador: “@charlynamor86 meganeboy02 “You're still the best and will always be my favorite singer - ever! @donnacruzyl ^_^ more power. Until now I always listen to your songs :-)
chimpanshane12: “Idol  @donnacruzyl
kitten0909: “galing galing talaga ng idol ko...:-)
mommybhel: “Walang kupas ang aking fave na singer! :)”

Watch here:


Donna left showbiz at the peak of her career in 1998 to marry Yong Larrazabal and build their own family. Their relationship is blessed with two children named Belle and Cian.

So, what are the songs do you want Donna to cover?

1.   My Everything (Arianna Grande)
2.   Shake it off (Taylor Swift)
3.   Fancy (Iggy Azalea)
4.   Royals (Lorde)
5.   Others

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