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On Cam: Kim Chiu discovers mother’s diary

Isabelle is gradually getting close to her daughters Natalia and Andrea. When will she reveal herself?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/3/2014 in News
On Cam: Kim Chiu discovers mother’s diary

After spending two days in Salvacion with Gabriel (Coco Martin), Jacq (Kim Chiu) can’t help but think of him.

In the middle of contemplation, she finds Isabelle’s (Amy Austria) diary in her bag. She initially feels apologetic, but she still went through the contents of the diary.

Meanwhile, Isabelle applies for work the spa owned by Natalia (KC Concepcion). Will Natalia hire her?  

Tonton Gutierrez, Bembol Roco conspire

Through Carlos’ (Tonton Gutierrez) recommendation, the board of Bueno Criollo picks Superintendent Fidel (Bembol Roco) as the chief investigator to handle the break in case of the company.

Magno (Eddie Garcia) attempts to discuss his theory with the mystery fugitive named Muerte to Fidel but as usual, he mocked the old man’s theory regarding Muerte.

Could it be that Carlos and Fidel are related to Muerte?

Matt Evans gets special power

Scheduler (Matt Evans) asks his superior Senyora to transfer Diane (Alex Gonzaga) to another scheduler because of her constant violation. Senyora rejects his request and gives him additional special powers instead.

One of the special powers given by Senyora to Scheduler is the ability to mimic a human’s voice and touch things. Scheduler, in return, should be more vigilant in helping Diane earn “pure love” tears since she has not accumulated any tears after 20 days.

Meanwhile, Dave (Joseph Marco) is starting to grow suspicious of Ysabel’s (Yen Santos) actions which resemble Diane’s mannerisms.

Zaijan Jaranilla denies having a crush on Kathryn Bernardo

Lorry (Andrea Brillantes) gives Emong (Zaijan Jaranilla) a magazine covered by Kathryn Bernardo thinking that her friend has a crush on the popular celebrity.
Emong thanks Lorry but mumbles, “Kathryn kung alam mo lang hindi ikaw ang crush ko.”

Gin (Piolo Pascual) gives Emong advice on dealing with crushes. “Natural lang yan pero dapat paghanga muna kasi mga bata pa kayo,” said Gin.

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