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Solenn Heusaff: Plain Jane never looked this stylish

Discover how this multifaceted showbiz personality found her unique sense of style (and the embarrassing phases that she went through to get there!).

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/29/2014 in News
Solenn Heusaff: Plain Jane never looked this stylish

“When you look at me and my friends, I’m the one who’s always plain. I’m the plain old Jane. I’m accessible. Whenever I dress, anyone can dress like me. It’s not like it’s hard to get the pieces I wear.”
This was how model-host Solenn Heusaff described her fashion sense in an interview for this month’s issue of Metro magazine, for which she was chosen the cover girl.
In the interview, Solenn, who found her fashion niche in the style hybrid of rock and bohemian, talks about her style evolution starting from her early teen years—awkward stages and all!
“I had phases. It started with my Tazmania-Metallica shirt phase to get the boys because my crush was a fan of Tazmania! I also had my gothic phase when I was 12 years old—horrible era of my life.
“I wore really dark lipstick, boots in school though it’s really hot in the Philippines, and wore super short skirts that I don’t even know how they allowed me to go to school like that.”
She also shared what sparked her curiosity in fashion.
“I guess the interest [for fashion] came from the movies or from watching “Sex and the City,” she shared.

“When I was 13, I remember inviting my friends over dressing them up with really horrible clothes. I [had] bad taste in clothes back then. I would put up my white blanket in the room to make a backdrop and take my friends’ photos.
“I have a lot of those quite embarrassing photos where I’m siding them with teddy bears. Maybe it started there. I just kind of enjoyed creating a story…”
The 29-year-old model-actress also confessed having gone through a brief skater-girl stage in her teens.
“I had my skater phase, around 13 years old, wearing really baggy jeans and very thick shoes. I would wear bracelets from wrist to arm and dyed my short hair red—horrible.”
At 14, Solenn started to model. Although, she admits in the interview with a laugh, “I never really saw myself as cute or whatever [‘cause] I was super tomboy!”
When she reached 15, she “went into kikay mode” - her style transitioning into one more feminine.

While she never really had any dreams of becoming a model or an actress, that same year, the Filipino-French beauty realized her aspiration of becoming a fashion designer.
The commencement of her career in fashion officially began when Solenn moved to France to study fashion design for four years.
There, she took numerous art and design classes as well as experienced working for Paris Fashion Week.
“Everything happened on its own,” she said.
Well judging from where she is in her career today, it seems like everything fell right into place for the fashion icon.
When she gets to talking about her current style, she appears to be the perfect balance between practical and minimalist chic.
“My closet is full of simple pieces… I’m drawn to pastels, black and white,” she shares. “If you stick to simple pieces, you can always mix and match everything.”
Despite a fondness for fashion, she explains how she likes keeping the everyday nice and casual.
“Everyday, I’m really just a plain old Jane. I like to be in shorts, loose shirts, and slippers.”
Here’s a heads up for aspiring fashionistas—Solenn also disses a trend she isn’t the biggest fan of.
“The style I kind of got sick seeing is cutout dresses. I’ve been seeing that since three years ago and it’s there—the cutout outfit. I think that’s a trend that should die!”
As she shares a fashion don’t, she also proposes a fashion do.
True to her own boho fashion icons, Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins, Solenn says, “Comfort over anything.”
Read the rest of Solenn’s style story on Metro’s September 2014 issue.

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