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On Cam: A threat to Coco’s family

Uh-oh, Franco (Christopher de Leon) is very, very mad at Gabriel (Coco Martin). He’s out to prove that he’s better at exacting revenge.

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Star Cinema Admin

9/26/2014 in News
On Cam: A threat to Coco’s family

On “Ikaw Lamang,” Jacq (Kim Chiu), who now knows that she is Andrea Hidalgo, the missing daughter of Sen. Franco Hidalgo (Christopher de Leon), asks the latter to give her time to process everything she had learned.

Her foster parents, Roger (Smokey Manaloto) and Esther (Arlene Muhlach, beg for her forgiveness and understanding, stressing that they love her very much.

Meanwhile, Franco hires men to assault Gabriel’s (Coco Martin) family. They set fire in their house, threatening the lives of Lupe (Rio Locsin), Calixto (Nonie Buencamino), and Darlene (Mikylla Ramirez).

Alex sends evidence to father

On “Pure Love,” Diane (Alex Gonzaga) learns that her father Peter (John Arcilla) has appointed her fiancé Raymond (Arjo Atayde) as acting chief executive officer of their company Maharlika.

Diane, possessing Ysabel’s (Yen Santos) body, emails her father pieces of evidence that will prove Raymond’s involvement with their competitor Mr. Chua (Ricardo Cepeda).

However, Kayla (Yam Concepcion), who's also with Raymond in taking down Diane's family, sees her email containing the audio recording and photos. Will it ever reach Peter?

Xyriel: To stay or to go?

On “Hawak Kamay,” Gin (Piolo Pascual) has Brian (JM de Guzman) arrested after he tried burning the old Agustin house. Not to mention that the latter is also responsible for Emong’s (Zaijian Jaranilla) accident.

Meanwhile, Gin has another concern to deal with as the school principal informs him that Dara (Xyriel Manabat) has been cutting classes.

Dara again meets her brother (Yogo Singh). Emong follows her, and is appalled to see that she has reunited with her brother. Will she come with him?

Albert confesses his feelings to Bea

On “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon,” Rose (Bea Alonzo) and Patrick (Paulo Avelino) enjoy little sweet moments together following their reunion. She warns him, though, that no one could know about the truth because the quest for justice and answers is still on.

However, Leo (Albert Martinez) seems to be the least happy person about this, entering into a brawl with Patrick.

A confused Rose confronts Leo about his strange actions. That’s when Leo finally admits to her: “Mahal kita.”

Watch episodes of “Pure Love,” “Hawak Kamay,” “Ikaw Lamang,” and “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” on iwantv.com.ph.

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