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Kris Aquino opens up about ex-boyfriend and new suitor

Is Kris still hung-over Mayor H, or has she already moved forward with the help of a devoted new suitor?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/22/2014 in News
Kris Aquino opens up about ex-boyfriend and new suitor
Thursday last week, September 18, Kris took to her Instagram account to clarify an online Philippine Star article by popular entertainment news reporter Ricky Lo.
The article was about a new mystery suitor of the “Kris TV” host who, as Ricky reported, is the reason Kris is “on Cloud 9… these days.”
“I know the reason why Kris Aquino is on Cloud 9 and feeling magnanimous these days,” Ricky claimed. “No, it’s not her good friend Derek Ramsay who’s responsible for it but an ardent suitor who is the “ex” of a popular TV host.  If ever Kris and the man (from an influential clan) do click, she will be (hopefully!) wearing an “L” pendant (goodbye, letter “B”!). The man can make Kris happy in many ways, including giving her the “moon” if she asks for it. There’s the clue.”
Kris quickly responded through an Instagram photo she labeled “sorry Tito Ricky, NOT TRUE”.
She captioned the photo with a lengthy message clarifying the article’s claims.
“The man in the articles has been thoughtful, to the point that my home could be a flower shop already, but I politely told him that even if I’m single, I am not interested & he should please stop sending flowers,” Kris revealed. “I have never seen him face to face, we have never even spoken on the phone, hanggang text lang. Mali ako to have posted the flowers because it may have sent the wrong signal, wrong move on my part.”
The host also clarified any alleged dating rumors as well as her relationship with actor Derek Ramsay who she has been linked to in the past due to her Instagram photos with the actor.

“I will be PERFECTLY HONEST, I have casually had dinner “dates” w/ 2 people since my relationship with Mayor HB ended, neither of them is the man in this blind item… @ramsayderek11 is a dear friend & I know we will remain lifelong friends.”
Kris says that although she isn’t perfectly happy at the moment, she is content.
She explains that while she waits for the perfect man God is preparing for her, she is content with a good career, happy and well-taken care of children, and a loving relationship with her siblings.
Kris concluded her message with a pained yet optimistic admission saying:
“Further truth, I lied when I said sa “Buzz” before the ice bucket challenge that I’ve moved on, I haven’t. May bubog pa sa puso… So I’ll repeat, all in God’s time.”

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