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JaDine’s ‘Talk Back and You’re Dead (Air)’

Help! The cast of the hit movie “Talk Back and You’re Dead” are at a loss for words.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/22/2014 in News
JaDine’s ‘Talk Back and You’re Dead (Air)’

The movie “Talk Back and You’re Dead” may have made an astounding noise in the box-office, but during the shooting, the stars James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Joseph Marco, among others have repetitiously forgotten their lines. It was revealed in the comedy show “Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan” aired last September 20.
In one of the scenes, a team of gangsters who were supposed to inquire about the whereabouts of Top’s (James) girlfriend to Sam (Nadine) just passed her by. Lucky 13’s Red (Joseph) did the same.
Meanwhile, Sam’s female friend just ate all the food in a scene instead of delivering her line.
Here are some of the kilig moments of JaDine.
In a park scene, they seemed to have enjoyed their ice cream that they forgot that they have lines to deliver.

Same thing happened when they were closely looking right into each other’s eyes.
Watch the full episode of “Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan” on iwantv.com.ph

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