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Tweet of the Day: Jasmine Curtis-Smith laments on fashion article

Is the younger sister of Anne Curtis referring to Lourd de Veyra’s article in her tweets?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/18/2014 in News
Tweet of the Day: Jasmine Curtis-Smith laments on fashion article

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is obviously slighted by an article about her friends in the fashion industry.
The award-winning actress took to Twitter today, Sept. 18, her two cents on the matter.

While she did not name names, she did lift quotes from the article “Sermon Sa Mga Fashyown” written by TV host-writer Lourd de Veyra, published on spot.ph yesterday, Sept. 17.
“That article.... First of all. Sabi mo ‘mas maganda sigurong mag-focus doon sa mga Hindi nakikita at Hindi nahahawakan’ alam mo ba na… tumutulong din sila pag dating sa mga Oras ng kalamidad?,” Jasmine says. “Alam mo ba na may naitayo naring organization na sila Ang nangunguna para Maging magandang ehemplo sa mga batang umiidolo sa kanilang trabaho?”
She also argues that he must’ve needed stylists as part of his job.
Bakit sino ba nananamit at nag aayos sayo pag dating ng trabaho mo? Yang article mo self expression din yan, bakit ‘kapakipakinabang sa lipunan’ ba yan?,” Jasmine laments. “Respeto. Industriya mo rin yan.
The 20-year-old sister of Anne Curtis adds, “Minsan sangayon ako sa mga opinyon mo pero napaka babaw at bastos ng article na yun sa mga taong matinong naghahanap buhay.”
In Lourd’s article, he questions how much time fashionistas devote to preparing their getups, such as those they post on their social media accounts as OOTD (outfit of the day).
While he sees nothing wrong with people doing their best to look good, he observes that it has become a basis of perceptions which are then magnified in social media.

Although he does not mean to pass judgment, he wishes that everyone would focus their energies more on doing something more helpful and relevant for the society instead on looking good.
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