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On Cam: Major characters collide on ‘Ikaw Lamang’

What’s going to happen now that Franco (Christopher de Leon) has seen Jacq (Kim Chiu) and Isabelle (Amy Austria) has come face to face with Gabriel (Coco Martin) again?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/13/2014 in News
On Cam: Major characters collide on ‘Ikaw Lamang’

On “Ikaw Lamang,” Jacq (Kim Chiu) finally confesses her true feelings to Gabriel (Coco Martin), who, it turns out, feels the same way for her.
However, Jacq has a bigger dilemma to deal with as she and her foster parents (Smokey Manaloto and Arlene Muhlach) are kicked out of their apartment after Tessa (Mylene Dizon) bribes their landlady.
This forces Jacq to confront Tessa in the senator’s office, where Franco (Christopher de Leon) is stunned to see a carbon copy of his wife Isabelle (Amy Austria) in the flesh.
It’s a day of “reunions” for the characters as Samuel (Joel Torre) is also reunited with Calixto (Nonie Buencamino) and Isabelle sees Gabriel again.
Joseph meets a paranormal expert
On “Pure Love,” Diane (Alex Gonzaga), possessing Ysabel (Yen Santos), tries to win Raymond’s (Arjo Atayde) trust to find out his plans against her family.
It seems to be working as he lets her meet Mr. Chua (Ricardo Cepeda), with whom he has connived.
Meanwhile, Dave (Joseph Marco) visits a paranormal expert in Pampanga to help him understand his theory about Diane possibly possessing Ysabel.
A threat to Piolo’s life?
On “Hawak Kamay,” Lorrie (Andrea Brillantes) refuses to believe Emong’s (Zaijian Jaranilla) observations that her father Jacob (Bernard Palanca) is not really a good guy, thus resulting to a misunderstanding.
Meanwhile, Gin (Piolo Pascual) seeks legal advice from Atty. Bianca (Iza Calzado) on what he can do to stop his father Philip (Tirso Cruz III) from selling their old house.

With Philip failing to secure Gin’s consent (which he legally possesses as per his mother’s last will), his other son (JM de Guzman) threatens to take the latter down.
Paulo Avelino’s gut feeling
On “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon,” Patrick continues to be haunted by Rose’s (Bea Alonzo) memories after his kiss with Emmanuelle.
In spite of his hesitations to “use” her name to clear his, Patrick is forced to do so during a press conference. There, he reiterates that he and Rose have nothing to do with her father’s (Chinggoy Alonzo) death.
What haunts Patrick more now is his hunch that Emmanuelle might actually be his beloved Rose.

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