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How does Alex Gonzaga want to be remembered?

Alex G has brought her own brand of wit in answering one of the most serious life questions ever.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/10/2014 in News
How does Alex Gonzaga want to be remembered?

No matter how serious your conversation is with her, trust that Alex Gonzaga will cook up a punch line somewhere in between.

Answering one of the questions in our Wrecking Bowl – “How do you want to be remembered? – Alex reimaginesa line from Lea Salonga’s “I Remember the Boy.”

“Siguro you remember the girl, but you don’t remember the feeling anymore,” she quips, making everyone in the room laugh.

On a serious note, Alex says she wants to be remembered for her fun and wisdom.

“Although minsan mahirap naman din ‘yun kasi masyado akong fun-fun. Hindi na ‘ko masyadong sineseryoso. ‘Yung mga tao minsan ayaw nilang magsabi sa’kin ng mga secrets – because I also love secrets,” the host-actress shares. “Gusto ko adviser ako. ‘Yung ‘pag may problema ka, puwede kang magpa-advice sa’kin…

The “Pure Love” lead star believes that life is meant to be enjoyed and that burdens can be eased if you don’t take them too seriously.

Gusto ko ‘yung may fun side, ‘yung kahit seryoso titingnan mo pa rin ‘yung fun side ng buhay… Life is short, so dapat i-enjoy mo,” Alex says. “Lahat naman may obstacles so kahit papa’no, kunwari may obstacle ngayon, after mga five minutes dapat you can laugh about it na.”

Watch the third and final part of Alex&rsquo;s fun and witty Wrecking Bowl interview here, where she also reveals how much she wanted to learn Mandarin &ndash; to watch &ldquo;Meteor Garden&rdquo; without subtitles:<br />

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