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On Cam: Sylvia Sanchez is Arjo Atayde’s mom on ‘Pure Love’

The real-life mother and son join forces on Primetime Bida’s latest sensation.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/7/2014 in News
On Cam: Sylvia Sanchez is Arjo Atayde’s mom on ‘Pure Love’

The Wednesday (August 6) episode of “Pure Love” introduces a new character: the mother (Sylvia Sanchez) of Raymond (Arjo Atayde), whom he visits at an institution.
Conversation has been going well when suddenly, his mother asks who he was and starts panicking. A heartbroken Raymond leaves, but not before he promises her that he will get her soon.
Meanwhile, Diane (Alex Gonzaga) decides to call in sick for Ysabel (Yen Santos) as the latter suffers the exhaustion of the possession. Dave (Joseph Marco) surprises her with a visit, and even stays to take care of her.
Feeling awkward, Diane leaves Ysabel’s body, but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea. What if Ysabel wakes up to find herself in Dave's amrs?
Bernard Palanca confirms Andrea Brillantes is his daughter
On “Hawak Kamay,” Gin (Piolo Pascual) finally gets his lucky break and lands a job as messenger and all-around utility worker at a recording company.
Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ninging (Yesha Camile) rejoice over the development. However, they feel the need to help their guardian in everyday expenses especially since they have yet to retrieve their inheritance. Emong and Dara help their neighbor sell buchi for a commission.
Meanwhile, Jacob (Bernard Palanca) receives the results of the DNA test and confirms that he really is the father of Lorry (Andrea Brillantes).

Jake launches manhunt for Coco, Kim
On “Ikaw Lamang,” Franco (Jake Cuenca) makes it appear to the media that Samuel (Coco Martin) kidnapped his wife Isabelle (Kim Chiu) and their daughters Natalia and Andrea.
Desperate to find Isabelle and their children, Franco uses his power to launch an all-out manhunt operation, a shoot-to-kill order on Samuel (which he later on takes back), and a hefty reward to anyone who could tip them of his family’s whereabouts.
The Severinos and the Miravelezes succeed at finding a hiding place, but how long will they stay safe?

Albert Martinez grows a heart for Bea Alonzo
On “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon,” Rose (Bea Alonzo), disguised as Emmanuelle, watches Kit’s (Miguel Vergara) basketball game against the desires of Leo (Albert Martinez).
Her presence at the basketball game inspires Kit all the more to keep scoring, until he suffers a bad fall. Leo, Rose, and Ruth (Susan Roces) rush him to the hospital.
Because of the incident, it seems that Leo begins to have a change of mind about Rose. And maybe, a change of heart, too?
Catch episodes of “Pure Love,” “Hawak Kamay,” “Ikaw Lamang,” and “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” on iwantv.com.ph.
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