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Sam Milby gets featured on BuzzFeed

Sam Milby, one of the most bankable actors of the country, made it the BuzzFeed as a prince charming lurking on a street for his “the one.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/5/2014 in News
Sam Milby gets featured on BuzzFeed

Sam Milby was featured in the entertainment website BuzzFeed in an article titled “37 Reasons Sam Milby Is The Dashing Pinoy Prince You Deserve,” written by a BuzzFeed staff named Matt Ortile posted today, August 5.
The article described as “a love story in list form” cited Sam’s achievements as an actor, singer, and model.
Readers were asked to imagine bumping into Sam on wee hours of Saturday morning and receiving an offer from him to walk you home.
The “Dyesebel” actor’s captivating physical attractive features such as his “arms built for carrying heavy objects and also cuddling,” “smolder that could bring a pot of adobo to an instant simmer with a single look,” how he “rocks the whole style spectrum, from biz-cazsh to red carpet,” among others.
Read the article here.

Sam has starred in these blockbuster Star Cinema’s films— “Close To You,” “You Are The One,” “You Got Me,” “My Big Love,” “And I Love You So,” “Ang Tanging Pamilya,” “Babe I Love You,” “Forever And A Day,” and “24/ 7 In Love.”

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