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Archie Alemania makes a scene in a restaurant

What happened to Archie Alemania?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/5/2014 in News
Archie Alemania makes a scene in a restaurant

In a “The Buzz” report, aired last Sunday, August 3, host-comedian Archie Alemania allegedly made a scene at a fast food restaurant in Quezon City.

According to some witness, Archie came in the restaurant topless and muddied. The actor was allegedly forcing his way to the restaurant’s kitchen while claiming that someone was trying to kill him. A restaurant officer filed a blotter report against Archie, but it also shows in the report that both parties have already settled the issue.  

After the incident, Archie was brought to Quezon City General Hospital in handcuffs and underwent a medico legal, but the actor refused to sign the result paper for no apparent reason.
Records in the hospital state that Archie was brought in the hospital because he was “nagwawala.”

According to “The Buzz,” one of the probable reasons of Archie’s strange action was his breakup with his non-showbiz girlfriend named Krista Jareno.

However, Archie and Krista are still mum about the issue and the speculations about it.

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