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#RECAP Team Gonzaga: The 'beki' and the 'beke'

One of the highlights of the Aug. 30 episode of “Team Gonzaga” was the funny exchange between Toni and Alex during their “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” gig.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/31/2014 in News
#RECAP Team Gonzaga: The 'beki' and the 'beke'

Sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga were more than happy to fill in for Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda during the Aug. 27 episode of “Aquino and Abunda Tonight.”
Toni, the more veteran host, admits telling her sister off regarding her “too excited” performance.
“‘Pag may kasama ka, be conscious sa kasama mo,” she says in the Aug. 30 episode of “Team Gonzaga." “Kailangan equal distribution kayo ng sasabihin… Pero hinahayaan ko si Alex na ganun kasi dun siya matututo kasi ganun din ako nagsimula.”
The episode, of course, will not be complete without the funny banters between the “sissums.”
Kailangan nila ng beki, kaya si Alex ang tinawagan,” Toni quips about her sister’s “A&A” gig.
Alex hit back at Toni by teasing her about her very prominent jaw.
“Kailangan nila ng beke, ikaw na ‘yon. O eto dalawa,” she jokes.
On a more serious note, Alex acknowledges that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to hosting.
Kasi nga madaldal ako, masyado akong maraming sinasabi,” she confesses. “I have to improve pero I don’t think I have to change everything of who I am because that’s me. Being you makes you unique.”
Before the end of the episode, Toni shared these words of wisdom about hosting.
“Hosting… takes a lot of preparation, takes a lot of guts to stand in front of a huge crowd,” she shares. “You earn the trust of your audience. Kasi ang paghawak ng mikropono, responsibilidad mo ‘yan sa audience mo, sa mga batang nanonood sa’yo, sa mga taong makikinig sa sinasabi mo. Dahil lahat ng sinasabi mo can give life or death to someone’s dream. So you choose your words. It’s either you encourage them or discourage them with your words…”

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