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Mga Kuwento ni Marc Logan' presents 'Pure Laugh'

What happens when “Pure Love” star Alex Gonzaga forgets her lines or waits for her cue? Read on.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/31/2014 in News
Mga Kuwento ni Marc Logan' presents 'Pure Laugh'

Whether on cam or off cam, Alex Gonzaga doesn’t run out of naughty quirks to show.

A few of these were featured on “Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan (MKML)” yesterday, Aug. 30, in a special segment called “Pure Laugh,” a compilation of bloopers on “Pure Love,” the local adaptation of the Koreanovela hit “49 Days.”

In one instance, Alex, who plays Diane, couldn’t seem to get her line right in her scene with Matt Evans (Scheduler).

“Grabe utak ko, sorry!” she exclaims.

In another scene, Alex is seen sitting on the stairs of Heaven Café, patiently waiting – or maybe not? 
She soon plays with her hair and places it on top of her lips as if it’s a mustache. She’s impersonating Peter, Diane’s father (played by John Arcilla).

“Diane, kailangan ka nang gumising. Ibibigay ko na sa’yo ang Maharlika,” she says, attempting to imitate John’s voice.

Meanwhile, the “MKML” also caught Yen Santos (Ysabel) going frantic when a cockroach landed on her chest while she was studying her script.

“Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan” also features funny videos that have gone viral. It airs on Saturdays, 6 pm., on ABS-CBN.

You can catch previous episodes of “Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan” on iwantv.com.ph

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