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Erich Gonzales: More than a star, she’s an actress

She has played a pregnant teen, a barrio lass, an aswang, and an aswang slayer on TV and film. Erich Gonzales, indeed, is an actress full of surprises.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/3/2014 in News
Erich Gonzales: More than a star, she’s an actress

Erich Gonzales is destined to be a star, director and ABS-CBN TV Production head Laurenti Dyogi said back in 2004 when she won in “Star Circle Quest” at age 14.
His co-juror then, veteran TV host Boy Abunda, agreed, saying that had they not let Erich in during the auditions, it would have been “the biggest oversight in this talent search.”
Now, a decade later, Erich has, slowly but surely, established her niche as an actress, not settling for goodie-goodie or leading lady roles (“Maria La Del Barrio,” “Tanging Yaman,” “Katorse”) and spreading her wings even in other genres.
In the fashion drama “Magkaribal” (2010), Erich was Chloe, a daughter longing for her mother Vera’s (Angel Aquino) affection and a lover to Caloy (Enchong Dee) with whom she developed a complicated relationship.
In the fantaserye “Juan dela Cruz” (2013), she proved that she can be a badass chick, fighting off aswangs with leading man Coco Martin.
Erich has made a splash in the big screen, too. In her first mainstream film “I Do” (2010), local scribes praised her and onscreen partner Enchong for giving all-out performances while still maintaining believability.
When she essayed the titular role in “Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang” (2012), Erich was able to showcase her depth as an actress.
Spot.ph states, “One thing is certain: Erich Gonzales looks beautiful whether she's perfectly groomed and pristine or perfectly art directed aswang. She acts with her eyes, communicating the depth of her tragedy better with her big black dewy gaze more than her screeching.”
Erich also received thumbs-up for her performance in her first international film, “Suddenly It’s Magic,” with Thai actor Mario Maurer.
Inquirer comments, “Erich does a better job at making her perpetually heart-broken character believable, even with the implausible, questionable choices her character is encumbered with.“
Meanwhile, Clickthecity.com notes that she “has a way of reaching deeper into a role than the script actually calls.”
Erich may well be in her most offbeat in the Cinema One Originals full feature “Mariposa (Sa Hawla ng Gabi)” (2012). As a probinsyana who goes off to Manila to uncover the truth about her lost sister, she showed that there is more to her pretty face, having done her fight scenes without a body double.
She carried herself well even as she was cast alongside industry luminaries like Joel Torre, Odette Khan, Maria Isabel Lopez, and Mark Gil.
Festival notes at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, where “Mariposa” was screened also in 2012, cite that Erich is “one of the very few mainstream young actresses who is able to venture towards playing more complex roles.”
This year, Erich will again showcase her dramatic prowess in Skylight and Regal Films’ “Once a Princess.”

The movie adaptation of the Precious Hearts Romances of the same title tells the story of a girl (Erich) who, because of sudden turn of events, unwittingly breaks the heart of this young guy (Enchong).
Years later, their paths cross again, but things have changed. Will they be able to make things right? Or, will things get worse? What if she already belongs to someone else? Will he be able to forgive her?
Once a Princess" is directed by the acclaimed Laurice Guillen and will open in theaters August 6.
Check out the trailer here:

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