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Architect Conrad Onglao to have Italian wedding with Zsa Zsa Padilla?

Architect Conrad Onglao reveals dreaming of an Italian wedding? Does he see himself tying the knot with Zsa Zsa Padilla in his ideal wedding setting?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/3/2014 in News
Architect Conrad Onglao to have Italian wedding with Zsa Zsa Padilla?

In an interview with Wilson Lee Flores of Philippine Star, renowned architect Conrad Onglao, boyfriend of the country’s Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla, shares his dream wedding.

“I’ve always dreamt of getting married in Florence, Italy. I find that city very romantic. There’s that hotel in Fiesole Farea, there’s a hotel there called Villa San Michele,” he exclaims. “It’s an old hotel with the altar designed by Michelangelo… For me, the whole Tuscan area is very romantic, it’s just a fantasy, this dream wedding of mine.”

Both Conrad and Zsa Zsa had their respective previous marriages, which are now both annulled.  According to Conrad, despite their failed marriages in the past, the two still believe in marriage and they still look forward to getting married someday.

Serendipitously, Conrad and Zsa Zsa first met in an Italian restaurant, where Megastar Sharon Cuneta, their common friend, arranged a blind date for the two.

“I had never met her (Zsa Zsa) before,” he recounts. “I didn’t know she was a vegetarian before that first date, but we talked for about two hours at that dinner.”

According to Conrad, it was Sharon who convinced him to court Zsa Zsa saying she has “a 95 percent batting average in introducing couples who end up together.”  He even quips that they’ll get Sharon as their wedding godmother, just in case they end up together.

Asked how their four-month relationship is going, Conrad says it feels good and even attributed the fact that they are both artists.

“We get along pretty well. It’s an effortless relationship. Being both artists, we understand each other,” he says. “It was maybe our third date, it was lunch. I felt light and comfortable. It was a feeling of familiarity that you can’t explain. You just feel good. It’s not expected.”

Asked what he learned from his previous marriage, Conrad replies that couple should remember to do the “basic” activities like going out on a date.

“Sometimes marriage can breed complacency, like the husband and wife would often tend to take each other for granted,” he shares. “I believe that even married couples should occasionally go out on a date, married people shouldn’t lose that magic.”

Asked if they have already planned to get married, Conrad turns evasive saying: “Wala pa kaming pinag-usapan.”

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