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Celebs react on Hello Kitty’s real identity

Feeling fooled about the news on Hello Kitty being a human not a cat? Celebrities feel the same. Here are their reactions:

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/29/2014 in News
Celebs react on Hello Kitty’s real identity

An article released by LA Times yesterday, August 28 reveals that the 40-year-old iconic cartoon character Hello Kitty is not a cat but a British woman, with a full name of Kitty White.
Right after the news broke, the Netizens were all shocked. One of the first international personalities who reacted on the news was Josh Groban, who insists that Hello Kitty is not a human.
“Hello Kitty is a cat. She has whiskers and a cat nose. Girls don't look like that. Stop this nonsense,” he tweets.
Moments after Josh’s reaction, more and more Netizens including PH celebrities shared their thoughts on the news via Twitter.

    Dawn Zulueta:”Broke the news to my daughter: Hello Kitty is not a cat. She smiled & said "Nawh..!" #CartoonsAreSuspect”
    Slater Young: “Hello kitty is not a cat?? Bakit kitty pangalan nya? Lies everywhere! Haha”
    Jasmine Curtis: “What RT @BuzzFeed: Sanrio Reveals That Hello Kitty Is NOT ACTUALLY A CAT”
    Joey Javier Reyes: “So Hello Kitty is NOT a cat! She is a gerbil under the influence of hallucinogen.”
    Maxene Magalona: “Newsflash!!! Hello Kitty is NOT a cat bec she's a human girl. She's ME!!! 😸”
    TJ Manotoc: “ano daw? Hello Kitty is a girl? #iamnotacat #mybrotherisnotapig”

    Pia Magalona: “Hello Kitty is not a CAT, because she's a CHICK. See: 70s slang.”

    Jim Paredes: “Hello kitty is not a cat. And more revelations:  Nora Aunor's brother is not a pig.”

    Karen Davila: “After the shocking news that Hello Kitty is NOT a cat! Thank God... @Snoopy: We can confirm, Snoopy IS a dog.”
    Meanwhile, Xian Lim shared his thoughts about the Hello Kitty news on his Instagram account (xianlimm). “Hello Kitty is not a cat and Grimace is not a ube,” he quips.

This was confirmed by Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist from Hawaii curating an exhibition about Hello Kitty, after getting the correction from Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty.
“She is a little girl. She is a friend. But, she is not a cat,” says Christine who also once thought that Hello Kitty is a cat. “She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature.”

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