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Worlds unknown: Top Star Cinema adventure flicks By Lista Macuja

These films on online games, legends, and aliens give moviegoers one heck of an adventure.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/18/2014 in News
Worlds unknown: Top Star Cinema adventure flicks By Lista Macuja

Film helps us escape from routine and reality (if only for at least two hours), transports us to worlds we can only imagine. The journey of the characters becomes our journey, too, bringing us a different kind of experience in the comfort of our home or a theater house.
For this week, we bring you some of the most memorable (and we should say, awesome) Star Cinema adventure films. Perfect for a marathon with your family or friends.
“Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure” (1996)
Equal parts fun, equal parts exciting, “Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure” touches on a beloved Filipino tale, the legend of the Ibong Adarna, and merges it with the signature gag of the youth-oriented show “Ang TV.”
It features an all-star cast composed of Paolo Contis, Camille Prats, Gio Alvarez, Jolina Magdangal, Patrick Garcia, Angelica Panganiban, Anna Larrucea, CJ Ramos, Stefano Mori, Michael Roy Jornales, and the late Nida Blanca.
The kids get magically transported into the world they only heard from Lola Binyang’s (Nida) storytelling, the kingdom of Berbanya, where a prince has been searching for the cure for his father the king’s illness: the singing from the Ibong Adarna. To be able to return home, they must make the prince’s mission theirs, too.
“Magic Temple” (1996)
“Buto, kalansay, tabi-tabi po sa bangkay, lulubog-lilitaw sa saradong hukay” – kids who grew up in the 90s probably still recall how this song goes, from Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’ award-winning fantasy film.
Three boys with super powers (Jason Salcedo, Junell Hernardo, and Marc Solis) are tasked to save the world from the evil Ravenal (Jackie Lou Blanco), who ruined its “balance.” Along the way they encounter magical creatures, unusual people, and a pretty ghost who, in one way or another, lead them to the Magic Temple.
"Magic Temple" swept major and minor awards at the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival.

“Kokey” (1997)
If America has “E.T.,” Philippines has “Kokey.” The film centers on an extraterrestrial named Kokey who accidentally lands on earth after his spaceship explodes. He becomes friends with Bong (Carlo Aquino) and Anna (Ani Pearl Alonzo) who welcome him in their home.
Although he has grown to love his newfound friends on earth, Kokey still misses his family and wants to come back home.
The film, which popularized the line “Okey ka, Kokey!,” spawned a TV series version, “Kokey” in 2007, and its sequel, “Kokey @ Ako,” in 2010.
“RPG: Metanoia” (2010)
This film brought the addicting gaming world to the big screen, holding the distinction as the first 3D animated Filipino feature film. 

Nico (Zaijian Jaranilla) is a boy who lives his life through his digital avatar, so much so that he doesn’t enjoy the great outdoors anymore. Yet it is the lessons in the real world that would help him and his friends conquer their true enemies.
“RPG: Metanoia” also features the voices of Aga Muhlach, Vhong Navarro, Eugene Domingo, and Mika dela Cruz. It won 3rdBest Picture at the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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