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Direk Cathy plays hard ball with housemates

Direk Cathy pulled all stops to bring out the best in the remaining housemates. Will the remaining six housemates succeed in their weekly task?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/17/2014 in News
Direk Cathy plays hard ball with housemates

During "Pinoy Big Brother's" episode yesterday, August 16, box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina was back inside the PBB house to shoot the scenes for the housemates’ weekly task assigned by Big Brother.

The short film entitled “Endless” was directed by direk Cathy and featured the six remaining housemates - Vickie, Daniel, Jane, Joshua, Maris and Loisa.

Direk Cathy admitted in a conversation with Big Brother that she wanted to be tough on the housemates during the taping sessions.

“You want to be actors o gusto niyo lang sumikat? Magka-iba ‘yon.” She told the housemates in between takes. “Puro kayo pa-cute.”

To be able to bring out the most in each one of their characters, she challenged the housemates through motivating them and stirring their emotions depending on what the scenes called for.

In a scene where Vickie was supposed to be angry, the soft-spoken housemate had difficulty keeping a straight face and staying in character, so Direk Cathy had to constantly call her out asking, “Ano Vicky? Puro ganda ka na lang?

The director explained to the housemates that she was sent inside the house by Big Brother to help and teach them, so that was what she was doing.

Direk Cathy also, at one point, felt that Jane could be doing better, so in one scene that called for tears and heavy emotion, she pushed the young actress by saying that the way she was acting then was the reason her career hadn’t yet taken off.

Hanggang diyan ka na lang. Now, you don’t have to ask why,” she told Jane.

The lady director’s tactics worked in bringing out their emotions as Jane explained in a conversation with Big Brother, saying that Direk Cathy was telling them the things they didn’t want to hear.

After the filming of all the scenes was over, Direk Cathy pulled Jane aside and reassured her that what she did was merely for motivation and that she had faith in the young actress saying, “in God’s time, and if you work hard, you’ll get there.”

During their goodbyes, Direk Cathy was less strict and more motherly towards the housemates.

The six housemates said their goodbyes along with thank you’s and i love you’s and sent the directress off to the confession room.

In Direk Cathy’s conversation with Big Brother, she explained having learned from her experience that perhaps not all the housemates were natural actors and actresses but that she was confident they were good people with good hearts saying, “parang may mabubuting bata tayong lalabas ng bahay niyo, Kuya.”

The final outcome of their short film weekly task also premiered during the episode, with the hashtag #PBBDirectorsCut.

The success or failure of the housemates’ weekly task is to be judged by guest judges Angelica Panganiban, Gerald Anderson, and Tirso Cruz III tomorrow.

Catch this episode on iwantv.com.ph

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