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On Cam: Piolo comes for Zaijian

Will Gin (Piolo Pascual) be able to take Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla) back home with him?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/16/2014 in News
On Cam: Piolo comes for Zaijian

On “Hawak Kamay,” Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla) is devastated when he discovers Pedring’s (Victor Neri) gun and a hefty amount of cash hidden inside a bag. He doesn’t want to come with his father to Malaysia anymore.
Emong asks his Papa Gin (Piolo Pascual) for help, and he comes for him the morning after. However, facing Pedring won’t be his only problem.

Meanwhile, Lorrie (Andrea Brillantes) refuses to leave Atty. Bianca (Iza Calzado), who she finally calls “Mommy.”
Yen sneaks inside Arjo’s room
On “Pure Love,” it will be Dave’s (Joseph Marco) birthday in one day, but it isn’t something that he looks forward to because it’s also his mother’s death anniversary.
Meanwhile, the real Ysabel (Yen Santos) requests Ronald (Arron Villaflor) to research about sleepwalking to quench her curiosities about what’s been happening to her at day.
Possessed by Diane (Alex Gonzaga), Ysabel successfully gets inside Raymond’s (Arjo Atayde) room and attempts to open his vault. However, it turns out she might not be the only one inside that room.
Kim to Coco: ‘Panagutan mo ang ginawa mo sa’kin!’
On “Ikaw Lamang,” Jacqueline (Kim Chiu) fervently searches for Gabriel (Coco Martin) to make him pay for her damaged motorcycle.
Of all places, Jacq finds him in a restaurant where he’s dining with Natalia (KC Concepcion) and storms him there, leaving his date puzzled.
Suspecting he’s just making a fool out of her, Jacq makes another scene in a middle of a reportage of a car accident the next day.
Gabriel drags her away from the wild crowd and prying cameras and assures her that he will have her motorcycle fixed.

Dina, Tonton have a ‘past’
On “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon,” Laura (Dina Bonnevie) and Carlos’ (Tonton Gutierrez) past is revealed: She was his mistress. She wanted him to leave his wife for her, but Carlos did not.
Meanwhile, Leo (Albert Martinez) hires a former employee of Buena Criollo in order to extract information about Carlos and Laura.
Rose (Bea Alonzo), disguised as Emmanuelle, reports back to work, determined to bury her feelings for Patrick (Paulo Avelino). 
But it is Sasha (Maricar Reyes) who still can’t bury her jealousy towards Emmanuelle.
Catch episodes of “Pure Love,” “Hawak Kamay,” “Ikaw Lamang,” and “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon” on iwantv.com.ph.
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