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Aiza Seguerra explains why she is transgender

Aiza Seguerra differentiates lesbians from transgender.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/15/2014 in News
Aiza Seguerra explains why she is transgender

Singer-actress Aiza Seguerra explains why she identifies herself as a man during her live guesting at the “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” aired yesterday, August 14.

Asked if she is taking anything to toughen up her feminine features or plans to change anything, the former child star says she does not. “Wala pa ako dun. Me identifying myself as a transgender more na para sa akin.”

According to Aiza, she just recently realized that she is a transgender after a long time of having unanswered questions.

She explains, "When I finally discovered sa sarili ko na I am not lesbian and I am a transgender, there you go. It answered a lot of questions."

Because Aiza sees herself as man, she shares that her fiancée Liza Diño considers herself as straight because, “Kasi nga I’m a transman. Hindi na niya ako tinitignan as a woman.”

Aiza stands as the head of the family composed of Liza and her daughter from a previous relationship. But she expressed disappointment that some people still questions her ability as “padre de familia.”

"Ito ang hindi ko maintindihan, eh. Sa guys, it is expected of them to take care of their family,” she laments. “Why can't I do that? I have my own family now. Ako ang tumatayong padre de pamilya ng pamilya ko. Bakit issue kung alagaan ko sila? Dapat hindi."

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