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Opposites Attract: Cat-and-dog lovers in the movies by Lista Macuja

As they say, the more you hate, the more you love.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/11/2014 in News
Opposites Attract: Cat-and-dog lovers in the movies by Lista Macuja

Too much likeness can be boring; it’s the little fights and little differences that add spice to relationships. This is depicted even in film in which some of the most memorable pairings are often opposite souls that get entangled by love.
Anyway, in the end, it’s mutual affection that binds them.
Here are a handful of Star Cinema films featuring “cats” and “dogs” united by love.
Now That I Have You” (2004)

Some people go great lengths to find “the one.” Others just sit back, relax, and let Fate play out. Betsy (Bea Alonzo) falls on the former, while Michael (John Lloyd Cruz) belongs to the latter.
When they meet, all signs point to him being “the one” for her, but he doesn’t seem to think the same way. She’s the exact opposite of his dream girl. Betsy is loud, flamboyant, and clingy. In her best friend Stefi’s (Nikki Valdez) words, she’s “A. Nakakaumay, B. Nakakasakal, C. Nakakasuka.” In the end though, the film teaches us that “love doesn’t have to be ideal. It just has to be real.”
“Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo” (1998)
Ditas (Jolina Magdangal) is a fun-loving gal who studies at a decent school, well-cared by her sister Doris (Maricel) who wants nothing but the best for her. Miko (Marvin Agustin), meanwhile, already works at a young age as cab driver in order to fend for his family. He may be shy but he’s skillful. 
When he sees her, it was love at first sight, but she already likes someone else (Dominic Ochoa). How does he make her fall in love with him?
Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” (2013)
Sandy (Kim Chiu) and Alex (Xian Lim) are extreme opposites. She’s like a modern-day ugly duckling: has bushy eyebrows, big hair, and bad taste in fashion. He’s prim and proper, an accomplished CEO – definitely Prince Charming material. 

She’s Dating the Gangster” (2014)

Your “one great love” can be someone you never expected to fall for, as in the case of Athena (Kathryn Bernardo) and Kenji (Daniel Padilla). He’s a “gangster” by her standards: the leader of a popular school group who thinks he’s free to do whatever he wants. Underneath that tough façade, however, lies a heart that yearns to be loved.
It turns out that the relatively nobody Athena, a ray of sunshine to her family and friends who truly care for her, will teach him the true meaning of love as he does to her.

Talk Back and You’re Dead

This month, another cat-and-dog love story will sizzle in the big screen: “Talk Back and You’re Dead.”

The film, based on the Wattpad sensation-turned-bestselling novel by Alesana Marie, centers on what happens when “bad boy” Top and “perfect girl” Sam fall in love. 
It marks the onscreen reunion of James Reid (as Top) and Nadine Lustre (as Sam) who won hearts in their breakout film, "Diary ng Panget." 


Joseph Marco and Yassi Pressman play siblings Red (Top's best friend) and Audrey (Sam's rival), respectively.
A co-production between Skylight Films and Viva Films and under the direction of Andoy Ranay, “Talk Back and You’re Dead” opens in cinemas on Aug. 20.
Watch the trailer here:

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