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Coleen Garcia on meeting Nikki Gil: 'I will still be polite and respectful'

Coleen Garcia sets the record straight between her and Nikki Gil.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/31/2014 in News
Coleen Garcia on meeting Nikki Gil: 'I will still be polite and respectful'

In an interview with PEP.PH held last July 29 during the grand launch of YES! Magazine’s "100 Most Beautiful Stars," 21-year-old “Showtime” host Coleen Garcia shares how will she react if she bumps into Nikki Gil, the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend Billy Crawford.
“I will still be polite and respectful,” says Coleen. “I was brought up naman to be polite and respectful to everyone no matter what.”
She also clarifies that she and Nikki never had misunderstanding although she was the next girl linked with Billy after their controversial breakup last 2013.
Wala namang away or anything,” she enthuses. “There were absolutely no bad vibes.”
Coleen then reveals the official date that she and Billy became an official couple - July 23.
“Nagpunta kasi siya sa States. He was there for a week and we didn’t talk to each other. Then, I realized, 'Okay, I miss him.’ He used to ask me, like every day, if I can be his girlfriend,” shares Coleen. “I don’t know, dun ko lang na-feel na parang... when I picked him up at the airport. I guess, I realized din naman that nakaka-miss din pala siya.
Although Billy has started courting her earlier this year, Coleen says her feelings for her “Showtime” co-host developed over time.
Siyempre, at that stage, you don’t just wake up and feel different na, 'Okay, I’m ready to be your girlfriend.' Siyempre, nag-develop ‘yon over time and we just decided to give it a label,” explains Coleen. “Siyempre, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about also. I like to overthink so I’m just thinking and thinking."

She adds, “siyempre, I don’t wanna make din the same mistakes that I made in the past. I’m very careful when it comes to my decisions. I wasn’t in a rush. I was really thinking na walang rush because there’s no pressure to put a label on it.”
According to Coleen, Billy did not only capture her heart but also her family.
"They know that Billy is such a good guy and they really take good care of me. More than anything, he values my family so much,” she exclaims. “My family naman is very polite. They welcome anybody I like, I always bring friends.

But instead of intentionally impressing her family, Billy got the approval and favor of Coleen’s family by just being himself."
“They appreciated that never did he suck up to them or sipsip or anything,” concludes Coleen. “Talagang today,from the day they met him, he stayed true to himself.”

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