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Ellen Adarna on settling down: ‘I’m not yet ready’

Ellen Adarna finds herself ending up with non-showbiz boyfriend, but insists that she is not yet ready to settle down.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/3/2014 in News
Ellen Adarna on settling down: ‘I’m not yet ready’

In an interview with PUSH.COM, “Moon of Desire” actress Ellen Adarna shared her long term plan with non-showbiz boyfriend and revealed that they need to save up first before talking about marriage.

“I’m not yet ready.  I’m still 26, maybe when I’m 30. I only want two kids, so no plans yet. But I can see myself ending up with him,” reveals Ellen. “But there are still a lot of things that I need to fix like (financial) security. We both need to be stable, ‘yung mga ganong bagay. If all of that is set, I guess we can move on to marriage.”
Aside from saving up for her future married life, Ellen is also focusing on honing her acting craft.

“Everyday is a challenge,” admits Ellen. “I thought it gets better but it doesn’t kasi it’s always something different like that week akala mo okay ka na kasi heavy drama, yun pala (next week) mas malala.
She also adds that she enrolled in acting classes.
“I hired a coach," declares Ellen. "'Yun ‘yung time na maraming oras pa kami kasi ngayon magfo-for airing na although sa taping day mas ito talaga ‘yung totoo kasi napipiga ka.
Lastly, Ellen said she is thankful to be part of “Moon of Desire” because it opened exciting opportunities for her.

“Thankful ako sa Moon of Desire kasi dito lang naman ako nakilala eh,” ends Ellen. “Kung hindi dahil sa soap na ito, I don’t think kukunin ako (ng mga brands).”

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