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On Cam: Piolo Pascual tries to win Nikki Gil back

Will Gin (Piolo Pascual) be able to convince Meann (Nikki Gil) to believe in their love for each other?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/29/2014 in News
On Cam: Piolo Pascual tries to win Nikki Gil back

On “Hawak Kamay,” Gin (Piolo Pascual) does everything to prove to Meann (Nikki Gil) that he truly loves her in spite of him being a guardian to Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ningning (Yesha Camile).
The kids know this well, so they help him  win back her affection, from serenading her in front of her house to buying “kwek-kwek all you can” for Meann and her family.
Meanwhile, Gin helps Ningning overcome her fear of the water.
Yen Santos takes care of Joseph Marco
On “Pure Love,” Auntie Juliet (Ana Capri) convinces Dave (Joseph Marco) that he owes Ysabel (Yen Santos) – possessed by Diane (Alex Gonzaga) – an apology after she saved his life from the café break-in.
Dave not only said sorry to Ysabel, but also asked her to go back to Heaven Café.

As Dave is still weak, Auntie Juliet and Uncle Danny (Bart Guingona) suggest that Ysabel take care of him first in his pad. She hesitates, but immediately realizes that it could be the opportunity she needs to look for the flash drive.
John Estrada escapes Ronaldo Valdez’s wrath
On “Ikaw Lamang,” Gonzalo (John Estrada) manages to escape from the hideout where Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) had him tortured. He rushes home and tells his wife Rebecca (Angel Aquino) everything that happened.
The couple decides to enlist the help of Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III) in their search for justice. Rebecca also informs him that Maximo was the mastermind behind the ambush that killed Mona (Julia Montes).
Samuel (Coco Martin), upon learning the truth, convinces Gonzalo to testify against Maximo to make him pay for his crimes.

Bea Alonzo seeks to patch things up with Michelle Vito
On “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon,” Rose (Bea Alonzo) gets desperate and wants to tell her sister Violet (Michelle Vito) that she is alive and is just using the identity of Emmanuelle.

But Ruth (Susan Roces) discourages her, saying that doing so would too risky, especially to one who is close to their “enemies” like Laura (Dina Bonnevie).

Rose nevertheless tries to talk to Violet at a party introducing Patrick (Paulo Avelino) as the new president of Buena Criollo.
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