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#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Regine’s family celebrates mom and dad’s anniversary

The Songbird's family reunites at Mang Gerry’s final resting place.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/26/2014 in News
#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Regine’s family celebrates mom and dad’s anniversary

The Velasquez family commemorated the anniversary of matriarch Teresita and patriarch Gerardo (more popularly known as Mang Gerry) yesterday, July 25.

Deca Pineda, one of Regine’s siblings, posted her photo with the Asia’s Songbird, sisters Cacai and Diane, and brother Jojo together with their mother on Instagram (@deca28). They were at Mang Gerry’s resting place at the Manila Memorial Park in Bulacan.

Also in the photo is baby Nate, Regine’s first son to husband Ogie Alcasid.

Regine (@reginevalcasid) herself also uploaded a photo of a caterpillar with the accompanying caption, “Caterpillar. Happy anniversary Mang Gerry and Mommy V.”

Mang Gerry passed away last February 3 after being reportedly ill and hospitalized. He was 76 years old.

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