Sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga bid goodbye to each other for the first time as Alex had to enter the "PBB" house for her special task.

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Star Cinema Admin

7/20/2014 in News

On the first episode of Team Gonzaga starred by the Gonzaga sisters Toni and Alex, the sisters are shown preparing for the pilot episode of "Pinoy Big Brother: All In."

Hours before the show aired, Toni and Alex had an argument regarding Alex's way of hosting. Toni thought Alex seemingly cut Bianca Gonzalez's line while they were introducing a housemate. 

On the same evening,  Toni was shocked that the last housemate to enter the house was her sister Alex, who was dubbed as the "sassy sister of Rizal."

After Alex' first week stint in the Big Brother house, Toni recalled their fun-filled Sunday family day and how she felt sad that she doesn't get to see and bond with her little sister before bedtime. 

One month after, Alex finally exited the house. Toni emotionally welcomed her sister back to the outside world.

Alex, on the other hand, who stood as one of the big sisters inside the house went out with new learnings. 

On the next episode of "Team Gonzaga," Alex will show her support to Toni, who is launching her self-titled album "Celestine."

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