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#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Coleen Garcia misses Billy Crawford

Coleen and Billy may say that they’re not yet officially together, but their photos on Instagram tell a lot about how special they see each other.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/20/2014 in News
#INSTAPICOFTHEDAY: Coleen Garcia misses Billy Crawford

Coleen Garcia has expressed how much she misses Billy Crawford in a very romantic way: a wacky selfie.
The young TV host uploaded her selfie with Billy on Instagram, both of them looking goofy, today, July 20.
“Hi. I miss your face,” her caption reads.
Billy, who’s in New York City, also uploaded an artistically edited snapshot of a sleeping Coleen on the same photo-sharing site on July 19.
“I miss my #bosslady so much!,” he says.
Although the “Showtime” hosts have been rumored to be a couple, Coleen clarified in a previous interview that they only do share something special.

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