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Kris Aquino defends Vilma Santos

Netizens reacted over Vilma Santos’ misspelled words found in the letter she sent to brokenhearted Kris Aquino. Kris, however, did not let bashers insult the Star for All Seasons.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/2/2014 in News
Kris Aquino defends Vilma Santos

Aside from Kim Chiu, Star For all Seasons Vilma Santos also sent Kris Aquino a letter of encouragement attached in a box of ensaymada. A snapshot of the letter and pastries were posted on Kris’ IG (@lovekrisaquino).

While Kris appreciated Ate Vi’s sweet gesture, Netizens, on the other hand, noticed that some words were misspelled in the letter and started bashing Ate Vi.

Kris did not let them disrespect Ate Vi and posted a response to their criticisms by posting a screenshot of her conversation with Ate Vi.

“I woke up & saw this text from Ate Vi. And it made me realize why I am such a fan of this woman: she is BRAVE, she has a WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR, she has WISDOM, and she is TRUTHFUL!” was Kris’ caption. “Above everything else, she remains HUMBLE! HINDI SYA PIKON KASI NGA ALAM NYA THAT HER LIFE IS GOOD. Her example will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life! ❤❤❤”

The photo has already received more than 7000 likes.

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