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On Cam: Dyesebel takes her crown

Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) stops at nothing to fight for what is right.

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Star Cinema Admin

7/18/2014 in News
On Cam: Dyesebel takes her crown

In the pre-finale episode of the fantaserye, Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) battles the wild creatures of the sea kingdom in her bid to unite them with her fellow mermaids and finally assume her throne as queen.
Meanwhile, authorities heed the people's cry to free Fredo (Gerald Anderson) and Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) and to give chance at making peace with the mermaids.
However, as Dyangga (Eula Valdes) and her minions escape the sea kingdom, her thirst for revenge would escalate to taking lives.

How will Dyesebel's story end? 

Samuel lands in jail… again!
Samuel (Coco Martin) leads a demonstration seeking to expose the anomalous ways of Salvacion mayor Franco Hidalgo (Jake Cuenca).
The gathering, however, turns bloody as authorities use force to stop the protesters. Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) and Franco "spin" this event to put the blame on Samuel, holding him liable for multiple cases.
But his father Eduardo (Tirso Cruz) will do everything in his power to protect Samuel.
Diane realizes everything is ‘scripted’
Why her best friend Kayla (Yam Concepcion) and fiance Raymond (Arjo Atayde) want to find a USB flash drive so badly remains a mystery to Diane (Alex Gonzaga), but not for long.
As she seeks for the truth behind their betrayal, Diane follows Kayla and Raymond, overhearing their conversations. She eventually learns that everything has been a setup, even her supposed fateful first meeting with Raymond.

Kayla and Raymond, it turns out, has been planning for their “dreams” for five years now, a truth that devastates Diane.
Leo doubts Emmanuelle’s true identity
As Rose, disguised as Emmanuelle (Bea Alonzo), continues to act different and distant towards her husband Leo (Albert Martinez), he begins wondering if she really is his wife. Add to that her growing closeness with Patrick (Paulo Avelino).

Leo then confronts Patrick to tell the latter to stay away from Emmanuelle, claiming that he has personal, selfish motives.

 Meanwhile, Sasha (Maricar Reyes) helps Patrick in convincing the board of Buena Criollo to vote for him as their next president.
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