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How Beauty Gonzalez achieved her new sexy figure

MANILA - Former "Pinoy Big Brother" (PBB) housemate Beauty Gonzalez revealed how she managed to achieve her new sexy look, days after stealing the spotlight at the FHM bash held last Thursday.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/13/2014 in News
How Beauty Gonzalez achieved her new sexy figure

In an exclusive interview with Push, the 23-year-old actress said her slimmer figure and new-found confidence were a product of her determination to look her best for the show.

"Siyempre ayaw ko naman na mapahiya ako. Hindi 'yung kapag naglalakad siya, sasabihin nila mukha siyang baril. Ayoko ng ganon, gusto ko naman na maganda ang comments ng mga tao," she said.

The Dumaguete-native credited her 38-year-old non-showbiz boyfriend for motivating her every step of the way.

"I did running, crossfit [and] swimming. Long process talaga kasi tamad ako eh," she admitted.

"Buti na lang din talaga andiyan ang boyfriend ko kasi 'di ba, sometimes, when you feel so tired and hindi mo na kaya, buti na lang he's there to push you," she added.

Gonzalez also revealed that this was her first time to be this daring, and her decision to grace the runway for the show celebrating the "sexiest women" in the country was supported by her family.

"Yeah it is my first revealing na nakikita ng mga tao," she said. "Swerte lang kasi I had a nice outfit tapos parang chumamba 'yung outfit, 'yung make up ko, at 'yung katawan ko. I had a good night."

She also admitted that her former image of being an outspoken and chubby teenager added to her motivation to achieve a new look.

"Di ba, sa PBB ang tingin nila sa akin mataba? Na kapag sinabi nila na Beauty Gonzalez, mataba [agad].'Yun din ang point ko kaya gusto ko rin makita nila na 'hey payat na ako, excuse me!" she said.

SOURCE: https://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/07/12/14/how-beauty-gonzalez-achieved-her-new-sexy-figure

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